Offering Diversified Services Can Lead to Larger Audiences and Profits

What Types of Services Pertain to Bail Bonds?

Instant criminal records can be important for someone searching for records on themselves or even other acquaintances. Perhaps they are unsure of what cases are still active, or want to ensure their record is accurate. After the legal expungement of felonies and misdemeanors, there are often mistakes made in the recordkeeping of these events, and clients need to review them and determine if additional action must be taken.

New or strange neighbors, co-workers, teachers, coaches and even professionals may prompt one of your clients to search for criminal records in their name. Today’s pro-active parenting style promotes thoroughly checking into someone’s background before leaving children in their presence. Dangers involved with online dating, the new norm for meeting romantic interests, are also far reduced with the use of an instant criminal record check as well.

Arrest Records

Arrest records are also frequently requested to determine timelines in a criminal’s past and indications of questionable behavior. As a professional, you’re well aware that even if criminal records don’t exist in a person’s name, this doesn’t mean they have never been arrested. It is quite possible that after an arrest they were released on their own recognizance and never saw the inside of a courtroom except to report attendance to recovery programs or payment of fines. Many misdemeanors result in very minor marks on a person’s record, so arrest records can indicate whether a person was ever suspected of a crime not found in the breadth of instant criminal records available.

Background Checks

Online background checks are perhaps the most thorough avenue to determine a person’s character and trustworthiness. Adding the ability for clients to access this type of report encourages repeat business every time they meet a new person who is relatively unknown. These checks can provide information regarding arrests, employment information, criminal and civil cases, property ownership and even marital status – offering a more complete picture of the type of person your client is dealing with.

Other Public Records

Accessing marriage, divorce, birth and death records is necessary on a regular basis for updating legal names, conducting genealogical research and even verifying a person’s age or marital status. These can be valuable tools for your clients, even when they don’t need your bail bonds services.

What are the Possibilities?

In addition to becoming the main source for all of your clients’ informational needs, implementing access to these types of public records can help your business to attract a more diversified audience through Internet searches. Diversifying your website traffic can also help to further your progress in search engine results. By offering more services related to your target market and current clientele, your website can begin to produce even more passive income streams. You might be asking yourself why would your site visitors pay for public records when they can be obtained from free from state run websites? Well… background checks and all public records resources online are a multi-billion dollar industry. Publicly traded companies provide these exact services. Many of the state run sites are not user friendly and restricted to a certain county or state. So there is plenty of opportunity to sell these services.

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